the girl who fits the sneakers


My name is Erin. I’m a New Jersey-born, Northeastern-educated “young professional” working in branded content and the fun fitness scene in New York City.

I’ve been Running From My Problems since 2012, when I signed up for my first marathon on a dare. Since then, I’ve run 11 marathons, finished an Ironman-sanctioned race, crossed the finish line of a bunch of other races of various distances, and acquired my RRCA Run Coaching Certification.

I’m passionate about bringing stories to life (and making them go viral) as well as fitness, running, triathlons, and the finer things in life — like burritos, ice cream and beer.

This blog is an opportunity to connect and share my personal and professional stories with others who have the same affinity for words, sweat, and elastic waistbands as I do.


For writing opportunities and samples of my past work, please visit my Writing Samples page.

For slightly off-beat news, irreverent and sarcastic thoughts (and lots of photos seen from my run), follow me on twitter at @erinkellysays.

Erin Kelly Runs

Credit: Jake Marty (

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