What Are Striders, And When Should You Be Doing Them?

I feel like a lot of my athletes have asked me about “striders” before, and it doesn’t always occur to me that some people have never done them before! I think different people, coaches and runners have different interpretations of strides and/or striders, so I wanted to clarify what I mean when I assign them. My version of striders: 

The Runner Diaries — Paulina Pascual

This week, we have 23-year-old Paulina Pascual — a Janji Corps ambassador, dedicated member of November Project Boston, and Somerville resident. Below, she shares how she balances early workouts, a 9-to-5 office job, and a family vacation to Canada with training for two 10ks — one being a trail run with a fair amount of elevation.

4 Outdoorsy And Active Headlines Worth Reading

I spent a lot of my workday in front of a screen. And while this idea overall bothers me (I would love to eventually one day have a career that allows me to step out from behind the screen and interact with others more), I come across a LOT of amazing articles, blog posts, and

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The Runner Diaries — Chris Mocko

This week, we have 31-year-old Chris Mocko documenting his personal Hell Week — the most grueling week of training (including 150 miles and more than 20k feet of vertical elevation gain!!) in his build-up to Western States, a 100-mile ultra marathon.