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Helping others achieve their race and running goals is something I’m passionate about, and enjoy. In March 2016, I earned my Level 1 coaching certification from the Road Runners Club of America. Since then, I’ve helped dozens of runners of various levels and abilities prepare for races from the marathon, to the 5k. I also help athletes with non-race goals — like pursuing a more general approach to fitness, or building a running base through a comprehensive training plan.

I’m happy to work with you to determine your goals, a race that fits with your schedule, and a training plan that works with your individual needs.

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Colleen Cumberpatch, 2019 NYC Marathon Finisher


“When I first decided to run the NYC Marathon, a little part of me did not believe that I would actually be able to handle the preparation or the race itself. Even as I completed the 9+1 entry process, it seemed like an entirely different universe wherein I would be running a marathon. It only began to feel real when I had my first phone call with Coach EK. She spent over an hour listening to me talk about any and every aspect of running that excited me, worried me, confused me. She offered the perfect balance of encouragement, wisdom, and realistic expectations. This continued to be true for the next 20+ weeks that she coached me and because of her partnership, guidance, humor, and intentionality, I could not have loved the training experience more. Coach EK not only provided a thorough, clear and flexible plan week by week, she supported me in solving other aspects of my health that needed addressing at any given time in training, like managing nutrition, proper (yet realistic) strength training ideas, and mentally and physically surviving any injuries or tweaks that popped up along the way. Coach EK always spoke about running safely and healthily first, and that made me feel comfortable to set competitive goals for myself while also keeping a balanced outlook on the entire process.

I cannot be more grateful for the kind and generous support from EK. She is incredibly knowledgeable but never makes you feel like your questions are silly. She is such a strong runner herself but she makes running feel accessible to anyone, regardless of speed or endurance ability. Her patience with me through the process was astounding and I really believe that I would not have been able to run the Marathon with half the joy, confidence, and actual strength without her training and support, mentally and physically. Much like how running is a very personal sport, Coach EK makes the training very personal. It was very much MY training plan. There was never a moment when I felt worried that what she had planned for me was not going to work for me. I felt very seen and understood as an athlete and human through the whole training process — what a GIFT! Coach EK really is a dream come true, and I can’t wait for my next big race with her by my side!”

Abbe Baker, 2019 Eugene Marathon Finisher


What can I say about Erin Kelly? Too much, it turns out.

In the wake of many personal problems coupled with work stress, I turned to Erin to kick my ass—specifically to get me into Boston qualifying shape. My training plan was very specific, and I was introduced to new workouts that made me excited to get out the door. Throughout my training, Erin proved to be an incredible listener, tailoring my workouts to anything and everything under the sun—whether it be work travel, personal tragedies, or the weather. Not only did I manage a 9-minute PR at the Eugene Marathon, I qualified for Boston—my first time in the eight years I’ve been running marathons. Would I recommend her as a coach? One million percent. (In fact, she’s still my coach.) Always a cheerleader and motivator, Erin has become a friend of mine, and I’m forever grateful.

Laura VanLenten, 2016 & 2017 NYC Marathon Finisher


“This was the second year Erin coached me through training for the New York City marathon. I absolutely LOVE having her coach me, and I don’t foresee a marathon where she won’t be coaching me. The first time she coached me was for my first marathon, so she knew my main goal was to finish and be happy with my run. This past year I had a much more ambitious goal, which was to get a Boston Qualifying time. Erin had a detailed plan set out for me every week and closely monitored my progress. She constantly gave me tips, tricks and feedback on all of my runs and was able to alter all of my workouts / plans when I bounced back and forth with plantar fasciitis. Nearly all of the training season, I doubted whether I could get a BQ but then I got an email from her after one of my 20-mile training runs that just said “based on your Strava, you’ve got this BQ” and it made me so happy to know that I had my coach in my corner, watching closely to all of my progress and work. As I ran the marathon, I had that email my head the entire time.
Her encouragement and knowledge about my training program was what got me through those 26.2 miles and I honestly can say that without her, I never would have BQ’d.”

Katie Cropper Klein, 2017 NYC Marathon Finisher

“I can’t say enough great things about all the progress I made running with Erin’s coaching. I asked Coach to help me slay my second marathon after my first attempt in 2015 was slow, painful, and not what I had hoped it would be. We spent 5 whole months of running over the summer and leading up to the November marathon hitting new PR’s, finding renewed inner strength, and building my momentum. I finished the 2017 race 39 minutes faster than my previous NYC Marathon. I was stuck on a slow plateau and by working with Erin I managed at least 5 PRs at shorter distances, and greatly reduced my running-related pain. This NYC marathon bordered on joyous because of all the hard work we put in leading up to it. Coach Erin Kelly will listen to your needs, support you, answer your questions, and get you to your running goal. Believe it!”

Ben Mayersohn, 2017 New York City Marathon Finisher


“I had never used a running coach before Erin offered her services last summer, as I was starting to train for the NYC marathon. I was a bit unsure when I started. I hated the idea of following a strict schedule and being told how to structure my runs. I feared I would lose my passion for running. But after a crummy 2015 NYC marathon experience, I was determined to come to Staten Island prepared — and I knew deep down that hiring a coach would help me run my best race.

Erin has a great, easy-to-follow spreadsheet system she uses to assign workouts. I was able to stick to the schedule pretty consistently and felt prepared by the time race day came around. Nervous, but prepared.

During NYC 2015, I bonked six miles in and did a mix of running, walking, and sulking through the last 20.2 miles. I injured myself soon after and couldn’t run for a long time. Good times.

But at NYC 2017, I didn’t stop until the end and PR’d by over a half hour! I was on the verge of tears multiple times throughout this race – not because it hurt, but because I knew I could do it. I knew I would PR, and I knew I wouldn’t stop. And that’s all thanks to Erin!!”

Victor Tello, Half and Full Marathon Finisher; Triathlete

IMG_4218“Erin Kelly is an excellent coach, an inspiring motivator and a great friend. After hitting a wall with my race times while using online training plans, I approached Erin with a very ambitious goal time to see what she thought. To my surprise, Coach EK (as we all call her) was supportive of my lofty goal but also realistic enough to explain how much work and dedication it would take to get there. She prepared a plan and helped me make adjustments when issues came up, provided assistance with small injuries, and was a constant source of moral support and a great confidence boost. She was even there to cheer for me when I ran my race, where I beat my old PR by a solid 5 minutes!

I can confidently say that I would not have achieved this time without her coaching. I also can’t imagine a coach who would make the training as fun as she did. I would gladly train with her again and in fact, I am as she is currently coaching me for my first NYC marathon.”

Laura Baldwin, Half and Full Marathon Finisher


“Erin is a fantastic coach! She customizes your training plan to fit your needs and makes herself available for any questions you may have. She always makes sure to check in with you to make sure you’re on the right track.

Erin brings her personal running experience into her coaching, but she also understands your individual needs. Whether you’re training for your first race or your twentieth marathon, I would highly recommend Erin as a coach!”

Jasmin Roman, 2017 Philly Love Run Finisher


I found out about Erin’s coaching around the time I signed up for an early spring half-marathon. I had a few goals, the most important of which were trying to stay injury free, beating a time from a past half-marathon, and staying active through the winter. After being plagued with intermittent injuries, and having a less than ideal coaching experience for my second marathon, I was excited to work with Erin.

Being coached by Erin was even better than I could have hoped or imagined. She provided the perfect mix of accountability and cheerleading, while planning challenging and effective workouts. The workout plans themselves were dynamic – always taking into account real life, weather, and other unanticipated variables.

Thanks to all of this, I met my goals, and more. A week after my goal half-marathon, I ran a 10 mile PR, followed by my second best lifetime 5k. I can’t wait to work with Erin again for another race!

Kate Ward, 2016 NYC Marathon Finisher


“Prior to working with Erin, I had trained for two marathons using Hal Higdon’s program. The result was always the same — the first half of training felt like a breeze, and the last half of training basically ruined every summer weekend I had. Erin’s program, however, actually made the process fun. Not only were boring 5-mile to 10-mile weekday runs replaced with enjoyable Yasso and hill challenges, but those fun runs actually made the dreaded long weekend runs achievable. What’s more, Erin was always available if you had a question about workout prioritization and scheduling if you had to change things up. And, as for the results? Well, they proved Erin’s program works. Though I had to tweak my goal time thanks to three simultaneous injuries (which took me out of commission for 3-4 weeks two months before the marathon), I beat my reset goal time by 11 minutes for a PR. The most important thing, though, is that Erin’s program prepared me enough to be able to enjoy the marathon — I knew when to push, and when to pull back, and smiled my way past the finish line. I always said the 2016 New York Marathon would be my last — but Erin’s coaching made it all too easy to yearn for another. But I won’t. Maybe. We’ll see.”

Alexa Sachs, 2016 NYC Marathon Finisher


“What I liked was the fact that I had a personalized plan delivered to my inbox every week. Erin was able to articulate why each part of the process was important. She also checked in on me after every long run to see how I felt, and how I could feel better the next week (which was really helpful!).”

Alyssa Arnold, 2016 NYC Marathon Finisher


“Erin coached me through my second marathon; her workouts and schedule made the training process simple, and for someone who travels for work it was amazing to set my alarm and go without having to think or plan. Having an encouraging coach like Erin made a huge difference for me, plus she is a pretty kick ass runner herself and can relate to all the good and bad days. Erin’s track and distance workouts were tough but sooo worth it; I ran my second marathon in 3:39, shaving 15 minutes off my first marathon time. I will be using Erin for every marathon from now on!”

Patrick S, 2016 NYC Marathon Finisher

“Erin trained me personally for the 2016 New York City Marathon. She did an outstanding job, and really has a feel for coaching, she bases her advice on how your runs feel and tailors workouts and suggestions while keeping in mind that we all have busy lives that conflict with long distance training. She struck the perfect balance of encouraging to push harder and supporting of accomplishments. She draws from vast personal experience as an athlete and distance runner which is very reassuring to know that no matter what you’re going through in your training/races, she’s been there.”

John Beck, 2016 NYC Marathon Finisher


“Erin is the most supportive coach around.  I ran two marathons before I started working with Erin. Erin sent weekly training plans along with inspirational articles and tips.  On marathon morning Erin sent an inspirational email with great tips and supportive words. After a few months of training with Erin I improved my NYC Marathon time by 33 minutes, I can’t wait to work with her for future races and I can not recommend her enough.”

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