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This is my first post, and while it won’t be super long or full of breaking news, I don’t want this blog to be empty before I have time for a more lengthy entry. But you probably want to know what a 23-year-old like me is doing spending countless hours every week running aimlessly down and up roads and trails—and why I feel the need to write about it.

The latter half is easy: I graduated from journalism school and have been writing more than I talk since, well, forever. I’m wittier, more eloquent and sometimes sound smarter in print than in person. Or at least, I think I do. As for the first part? Well, that will take a little longer to explain. But for now…

Why do I run?

  • I like the idea of challenging myself and accomplishing something, whether it’s adding in an extra hill to a run, or pushing the pace just a little bit faster for the last half mile
  • I think sweating is healthy, and a little sweat can also be sexy
  • I enjoy knowing that I am physically fit enough to protect myself or outrun something dangerous (like the Zombie Apocalypse)
  • I love the people I meet because of running, the relationships I have with people that are stronger because of running, or how I can have a conversation with a complete stranger if we are both runners
  • I like the way it makes me feel—both mentally and physically
  • I enjoy the solitude of some runs, because it gives me time to think. That said, I also really love the conversations I can have with people on a run
  • I like being able to spend time outside for no reason
  • Even if I do NOTHING that day, the fact that I went for a run makes me feel productive… and healthy!
  • It’s the best way to beat a hangover. I’m serious.

Why do you run? Or bike, swim, etc?

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