Help Hurricane Sandy Victims the #SweatPink Way

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Hurricane Sandy literally blew us away. We were warned about it and saw the news reports in advance, but the devastation that hit certain areas of New York and New Jersey still proved surprising—and devastating.


Thankfully, my family and friends all survived for the most part unscathed, with the biggest blunders being gas and power shortages throughout the area. Many New Yorkers, people on Long Island and residents of the Jersey Shore were not as lucky, which is why it’s important—and necessary—to help.


Last week, I received some great news that I was accepted into the Fit Approach #SweatPink ambassadors program, a wonderful community of fitness bloggers promoting healthy lifestyles. As my first official post, I wanted to share two ways runners and fitness enthusiasts can contribute to the cause, simply by sweating a little, or diving right into the areas that need help.


Running, though not always a team sport, definitely benefits from a collective effort. So join your fellow sneaker owners, and contribute to the cause!


New York Runners in Support of Staten Island

Rather than running the New York City Marathon last Sunday, many race bib owners took to Long Island to support relief efforts. Now, these heroes have a Facebook group—and you can join them! New York Runners in Support of Staten Island post updates on their clean up efforts, as well as what types of supplies are needed in particular areas. “Like” their page and stay tuned for updates on how you can help!



If you’re going to be running anyway, run a virtual 5k, half marathon or marathon for those hit hardest by the hurricane. Run4NYC allows you to choose between the three varying distances, pick a donation amount, and run your heart out until November 11. Every cent collected will go towards the Red Cross to help relief efforts. Ask your friends to pitch in for your miles, too, and get double the proceeds!

Racing for Relief

Here’s another way you can help Sandy victims just by being active—and you have until December 1st to reach your goal! Racing for Relief, posted by Carlyn from Just Keep Sweating, is another virtual race where you are given the option to run a 5k, 10k, half marathon or marathon on your own, with proceeds going to the American Red Cross. Participants pay their “race fee” which also counts as their donation (it must be more than $10) and download and print out the official racing bib to wear while running. Runners can post their times the official board, and share with other bib wearers. Keep other runners updated (and spread the word!) by using the #racingforrelief hashtag on Twitter.

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