9 Running Resolutions for 2019 That Have Nothing To Do With A PR

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Choosing a running-related New Year’s Resolution can be difficult. As I started to think about what mine would be for 2019, nothing immediately came to mind. I feel like the most common running resolution is to achieve a personal record or personal best in a specific race distance. However, I feel like that run resolution is a little tired—and I spent a large part of 2018 chasing a PR in the marathon. I’d like to celebrate achieving that goal for a little bit, rather than immediately set my sights on a new personal best.

As part of my brainstorm efforts, here are 9 running resolutions that have nothing to do with a PR.

  1. Attempt a new race distance. If you’ve been all about marathons lately, why not test your speed at a 5k?
  2. Choose a challenging course. If you’ve been drawn to flatter courses in the past, why not up the ante with some hilly terrain?
  3. Join a new running group. Sometimes, your standing run club can fail to challenge you. Why not try jumping in another group’s meetup for a workout or two? At the very least,  you’re bound to meet a new running buddy.
  4. Make stretching a priority. Whether it’s by going to yoga once a week or making it a habit post-run, we could probably all stand to stretch a little more.
  5. Resolve to run early. By changing your workout schedule to running in the mornings, you’ll be less likely to skip workouts after a long day.
  6. Run for fun. Sign up for a relay race, sport a costume for your next 5k, plan a running-and-brunch date with a friend you haven’t seen in awhile, or find another way to make running a just-for-fun, just-for-you activity.
  7. Try new terrain. If you’ve never given trail running a go, now might be the time. It’s fun to focus less on pace, and more on the ground beneath you, and the nature surrounding you.
  8. Start speed work. If you’re more of a conversation-paced runner, now might be the time to track on some speedier workouts to your repertoire. Here are five speed workouts every new runner should try.
  9. Start a runstreak. Okay, runstreaks—or the act of running every single day for as many days as possible—is controversial. And rest is VERY important. But if you are in good health and understand your limits, trying out a runstreak could be a great way to stay motivated and push yourself daily.

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