The Best Things I Wrote In 2018

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I applied, got accepted, and started going back to school (across the country) in 2018, so I didn’t get to write as much as I would’ve liked to. Regardless, here are my favorite editorial bylines from the last 12 months.

1. Pushing for a PR Sabotaged Me. Here’s How Embracing Failure Led to Better Results | for Runner’s World, link here

I was approached by Marissa Stephenson, an editor for Runner’s World, to see if I had any ‘interesting, personal stories’ to share. Of course I did! I am the queen of ‘I just have a lot of feelings.’ This piece got a brief space in the September 2018 print issue, but was featured as a longread on the digital site thanks to fitness editor Molly Ritterbeck.

2. No, Running Isn’t Always the Best Therapy | for Runner’s World, link here

This was my first piece ever in Runner’s World, and one of the most personal stories I’ve ever shared on the Internet. I got so much positive feedback, it was well worth it to put myself out there.

3. The Psychology Behind the Obsession With Boston Marathon Qualifying Times | for Runner’s World, link here

As I realized the cost of running Boston was not in my budget for 2019, I explored why runners (myself included) are so collectively obsessed with qualifying for the Boston Marathon.

4. A Fit Person’s Guide to CBD Products and Supplements | for GQ, link here

This was my first piece in GQ, and I researched literally everything I could about CBD. I also racked up a $72 phone bill talking to an expert on the subject overseas. But I learned more about cannabis, and unfortunately, the lack of research around the subject and the politics associated with it, than I even knew existed. Plus, I had an excuse to try some CBD products myself, which, despite the underwhelming evidence they actually work, I didn’t hate!

5. Desiree Linden Didn’t Just Win The Boston Marathon — She Reminded Me Of The REAL Reason I Run | for Bustle, link here

Sometimes when I run races like Boston, I wish I could be watching the drama of the elite race unfold in real-time. Hearing about Desiree Linden’s win after quite possibly the most difficult (and disappointing) race of my life was uplifting, and a breath of fresh air. I wrote about #myfeelings (again) for Bustle.

6. This Is When It’s Worth Staying Inside Your Comfort Zone | for Greatist, link here

I didn’t really publicize this when I wrote it because I was a little off-put by how much it mentioned my high school boyfriend, even though I wrote it myself. I didn’t want it to make it seem like I was still wistful about the relationship or anything like that. However, I gave it a little more thought and the very fact that I was able to write fondly and nostalgically about a relationship that at one point totally uprooted my life is a great thing. And if you read it, you’ll see I learned something.

7. Trying Rock Climbing Made Me Stop “Doing It for the Insta” | for Greatist, link here

As long as I can be open and honest and self deprecating, I think my writing career is safe.

What would you like to see me write about in 2019—whether it’s personal or running/fitness related? Leave a comment, or email me at

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