Fitness Friday: I Tried The SoulCycle Of Treadmill Gyms And It Wasn’t As Horrible As It Sounds (via Blisstree)

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To hold you over while I get my act together, here’s a review of The Mile High Run Club I wrote for

To be honest, I’ve only ever been to one SoulCycle class. It was almost over a year ago, and all I remember thinking was that I couldn’t believe people paid upwards of $30 to take the class, all the time. People spend hundreds and hundreds of dollars on their SoulCycle addiction, when IMO, other cycling studios are just as good, if not better.

But it’s no secret that New York City has an unhealthy relationship with SoulCycle. So when I got news of a treadmill studio aiming to be ‘SoulCycle’s successor,’ I couldn’t help but roll my eyes. Really, with the SoulCycle again? But as a runner myself, I couldn’t resist wondering if it would be any better than the soul-sucking stationary bike. So I set off to find out!

Called The Mile High Run Club, the group treadmill studio opened in NoHo late this fall. With 30 Woodway 4Front machines, you can experience group, coached treadmill classes with ‘expertly’ structured intervals designed to help you reach your running goals. I took a lunchtime class via a gifted ClassPass Flex, and was surprised at the high number of people in my class—and there were even two men, which I find to be a rarity in many group fitness classes like SoulCycle.

The class I took was Dash 28…..

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*Photo via Mile High Run Club’s Facebook page.

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