How Going to Fancy Fitness Classes Actually Made Me Lazier

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I’ve come to love working out in the morning.

Even though I have to physically drag myself out of bed and set three alarms so I don’t snooze through my wake-up call, exercising first thing in the morning sets me up for a better, more productive day.

My workout always varies: Sometimes I run solo outside; other days, I meet my workout group for a free boot camp in the park. In the summer, I regularly swim laps at a recreational outdoor pool. And less frequently, I’ll take a drop-in fancy fitness class at a local studio, reluctantly paying the (outrageous) price and packing a bag the night before, so I can shower and head straight to work afterward.

I follow this exercise “plan” four seasons a year, and except for torrential downpours and blizzard-level snowfalls, I try not to let the elements outside dictate my schedule. After all, an 8-mile run is just as far in crappy weather as it is on a sunny day. And as a person who is constantly training for the next marathon or triathlon, I’m all too familiar with the fact that a training plan waits for no one.

This strategy was working out just fine—until I signed up for a two-week introductory period of ClassPass a few months ago.

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