Headlines To Read Over Coffee

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Once again, I wanted to share with you some of the recent new and noteworthy running, triathlon, and food-related articles I’ve found while surfing the world wide web day in and out. (Okay, these are mostly running-related. Enjoy!).

  1. Study: Is Runger A Lie?! (via Runner’s World)

This study features new research from Loughborough University that found something contradictory to everything I know about #runger (which is a real thing — fellow runners, back me up here!). The findings suggest that exercise actually suppresses appetite, rather than fuels it. I’m not sure what to make of this new information, rather than to use it to try to convince myself not to consume the entire bag of banana chips (or, worse, the entire carton of Ben & Jerry’s ice cream) in one sitting post run.

*Editor’s Note: I’ll probably still eat the whole bag. And the whole carton.

2. Everything You Know About Pacing Is Wrong, Kind Of (via Runner’s World)

Another interesting article I found on Runner’s World this week was this piece that totally abolishes everything you know about pacing your runs. Instead, the author encourages you to go all out at the beginning of your interval, then “fight the fade” as you progress. A test group of cyclists found that the participants actually worked harder and got more out of their workout when told to “fight the fade” off the bat, rather than pace themselves to save energy — the reason for this being the cyclists spent more time in the “red zone,” where the most #gains are made.

While this is a mental practice as much as a physical one, as you’re pushing your limits the entire workout, the author caveats that runners shouldn’t totally abandon the art of pacing. However, trying a few “fight the fade” workouts on occasion can give you a good jolt, especially if you’re a cautious racer, and give your fast twitch muscle fibers a good boost.

3. There’s A New Meaning To The Term ‘Sad Salad’ (via Business Insider)

I don’t know how I feel about the concept of a drive-thru salad bar. If you have to get fast food, shouldn’t it at least be something delicious and fattening?!

I kid.

As someone who stands in a winding Just Salad line a few times a month, I totally get the convenience factor. And it’s great that there’s a “healthier” option for people who don’t salivate over Double Quarter Pounders (did I say that right?) from McDonald’s. I just hope there’s more to these salads than the wisps of lettuce I’ve seen from other fast food brands!


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