What To Buy The Runner In Your Life (i.e., My Personal #Running Holiday Wish List)

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We all have that special someone in our lives who isn’t afraid to talk bowels with you. Those people are not only your real friends, but they’re most likely dedicated runners, too. Friends that run with us are rare and special snowflakes. No one else will understand your need to wake up at the crack of dawn while it’s still snowing out to finish a 20 mile run before noon, nor will they share your excitement at traveling across the country to run a marathon. And since our friends that sweat with us are so near and dear to our hearts, it’s important to find the perfect holiday gift for your running buddy. If you’re wondering what to get your friends that run for the holidays, here are some great accessories, apparel and gear items to choose from courtesy of my personal wish list.

BTW, today is apparently the last day to buy a lot of these items before Christmas (at least the things from Sarah Marie Design Studio and Run Janji apparel).

Night Runner 270


Running in the dark can be dangerous, especially if you’re a woman. Make #runningwhilefemale safer with the Night Runner 270. Featured on Shark Tank, these bad boys clip onto your shoe laces and light up the road, trail or path ahead of you. Designed by athletes, Night Runners are waterproof, ultra lightweight, and can light up your runs for up to four hours at at time.

$60, Buy here


This Positive Vibes, Negative Splits Tank


I already asked my mom (er… Santa) to have this wrapped under the tree for me on Christmas morning, but you should put this sleek and punny tank on your wish list, too.

Buy here, $35


Tracksmith Grayboy Tank


I have this tank in green, and I love it so much I wear it more when I’m not running to avoid getting it sweaty (so I can wear it again, because, yeah). The higher-cut neckline is different from most of the other tanks I own, and I like the way it leaves my arms 100 percent free while still providing considerable coverage everywhere else. Buy this for your runs, yet feel free to wear it everywhere else. (Oh I basically want everything from Tracksmith, check out the rest of their offerings here).

Buy here, $52


Knit Neckwarmer


Since running outside in the winter is LITERALLY the worst, a BUFF Knit Neckwarmer might make it a little bit better. Lined with fleece, this ‘neck protector,’ if you will, is wind-resistant and quick drying. TG.

Buy here, $39


Garmin Forerunner 735XT


This may be more of a triathlete’s toy, but what I like most about this watch is that it measures heart rate at the wrist, so you don’t need to wear an annoying chest strap. It also offers a VO2x max estimate, lactate threshold, race predictor and recovery advisor, which is pretty cool especially if you are trying to make some serious #gains.

Buy here, $450


Lumo Run


For runners who want to focus on perfecting their form in 2017, Lumo Run is here to help. The small sensor clips to the back of your shorts or pants, and measures your cadence, stride length, bounce, speed, pelvic rotation and ground contact time to help you improve your stride, one run at a time.

Buy here, $100


Women’s Ethiopia Beanie


Okay, so I basically want EVERYTHING in the Run Janji women’s collection (including their Altitude Tight, $82 and the Women’s Wave Longsleeve, $48), but I’m adding this Heather Grey beanie to the official list. Not only does Run Janji have some amazing offerings, but ten percent of every sale goes to fund clean water projects. So there’s that.

Buy here, $28


Roll Recovery: R3


As runners, our feet are very precious. Allow your running buddy to treat their feet with the R3 from roll recovery. I used one of these after the ironman, and it was super helpful. They’ll thank you, and you can thank me later.

Buy here, $27


Hylete’s Nimbus Caprite


For those days when you just can’t seem to figure out if you should wear full length pants or capris, the Nimbus Caprite will save you. You can adjust the length of this pant to a capri length, a full tight length, or basically any length in between. You’re welcome.

Buy here, $100

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