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I’ve never made a New Years Resolution. I’m not really sure why. I’ve never seriously needed to lose weight, or quit something addictive like smoking (the two biggest resolutions on the planet)… but there are definitely things in my life I’ve needed to improve, change, start doing more of, or stop completely.

For those who are making resolutions, I ask you this: if certain things need to be changed, or something needs to be started, why wait until New Years? You can’t turn your life around at any one moment, but you can start to change any day of the year. You don’t need a new year to improve yourself or start doing things differently from the way you did them yesterday. (Bottom line: if you fail at upholding your resolution come February, don’t wait until 2014 to try again.)

And while I don’t necessarily believe resolutions are vital, I do believe a new year is a time for a fresh start. So I wanted to set a few goals for myself for 2013. And of course, the majority of them are running oriented.

  • Enter and complete no less than 13 road races this year. They can be 5ks, 10ks, half marathons, fulls, triathlon sprints or crabwalks. This means entering at least one race per month. (I’m already signed up for 3, so we only have 10 more to go!)
  • Run the NYC half marathon in 1:40 or less
  • Follow and stick to a training plan for the Long Branch Marathon, and run under or as close to 4 hours as possible
  • Cross train more—get to more spin and yoga classes and let my shins rest
  • Get into, or register for, a major marathon (New York City, Philly, Boston, Chicago)
  • Try vegetarianism for a month in 2013. See if it improves, enhances or advances my life/body/mind/spiritual wellbeing/etc.
  • Treat my feet better
  • This isn’t running oriented but also: be nicer, more generous, and think less negative thoughts throughout 2013.

Do you have any runsolutions or resolutions for 2013? Share them in the comments!

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