Share-worthy Articles And Blog Posts From The Past Week

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Over the past week, I’ve seen a bunch of interesting articles and blog post I’ve wanted to share. Here are the most interesting ones I’ve wanted to share with you all.

1. Gwen Jorgensen’s NYC Marathon recap

Ever since the Olympics, I’ve been fascinated by Gwen Jorgensen’s athleticism, vigorous training plan, and enthusiastic spirit. When she announced she was running the NYC Marathon, it made me love her more. As a marathoner turned triathlete, I’m inspired by the fact that Gwen is trying out the reverse route — even though she is 100x faster, better and stornger than I am. I had the priviledge of meeting Gwen last Monday night at a dinner hosted by Specialized Bikes at Little Park downtown. Though I didn’t get much face time with her, I did get to shake her hand, and she laughed at my joke, which will stay with me for a lifetime. Here, she recaps her NYC Marathon experience. Though she wasn’t happy with her (incredible) time, this part stood out to me the most:

I actually don’t like the limelight (as I am an introvert), but I learned I cannot do anything anonymously or quietly after winning a gold medal at the Olympics.

I love that she considers herself an introvert and isn’t one to bask in the glory. It makes me feel like we have even more in common.

Read her marathon recap here.

2. This Article From Triathlete Magazine About Races More ‘Extreme’ Than An Ironman

Before you shake your head and call me crazy, here me out. Ever since I crossed the finish line of Ironman Maryland — a race that was just a few miles short :-/ — I’ve been trying to figure out my “next move.” These events aren’t necessarily longer than a 140.6-mile race, but they do add some new and interesting elements. I’m not saying I’m going to do any of them, but I do think they’re unique, and wanted to share!

The two that caught my eye the most, in terms of accessibility and ‘Could I actually finish these?’, were the Sea to Summit 2.0 and the 106 West Triathlon.

The Sea to Summit 2.0 race is a 1.5-mile swim, 95-plus-mile bike, and 5.5-mile scramble up Mount Washington. Since I recently climbed my first 14-er a few weeks ago (disclaimer: it’s way harder than I thought it was), this idea slightly intrigues me, yet I know it would be crazy tough.

The 106 West Triathlon in Dillon, Colorado, is billed the highest triathlon in the world. While I would love the chance to do this one day, I know that my efforts at this altitude would, in one work, suck.

Another intriguing event is the Casco Bay Island Swim Run, which will have a long course featuring 6 miles of open water swimming and 16 miles of overland routing over 12 islands in 2017. Hmmm….

3. The Lighter Your Shoes, The Faster You Run

This news may not come as a shock to anyone, but a study by researchers at the University of Colorado Bolder found that running times slow when running shoe weight is increased — even if the increase is just a few ounces. By reinforcing the idea that ‘lighter is better,’ I feel a bit better about my choices in minimalist running shoes. Sorry, Hoka.

Did you read any relevant articles or blog posts this week? Share them in the comments section!

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