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The Runner Diaries — Gordon Wright

This week, we have 52-year-old Gordon Wright from Marin County, California — a business owner, adventure racer and triathlete whose colossal competitive drive serves as his motivation to train for a 50k trail race.

Cheating A Race Course Is Bad, But Here’s What Might Drive Someone To Do It

As you’ve probably already read, a New York City runner was recently busted for cutting part of the course of the Fort Lauderdale A1A half marathon this past weekend to score a second place finish. Let’s talk about it. Cheating during road races (especially marathons) and triathlons isn’t anything new. The concept of “bib muling” — or

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3 Running Newsletters To Subscribe To In 2017

Maybe it’s because my very first “real world” job was with an email newsletter, but I have a soft spot in my heart for newsy deliverables that arrive in my inbox every week. Now that email newsletters that specifically focus on running exist, I wanted to highlight and share a few of my favorites that

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#TheErins: A Podcast About Running, Friendship & Life

There are few things I like to talk about more than running. And while there are a variety of running-related podcasts and web-isodes that exist, there was nothing available that I felt combined news and updates surrounding the sport with the social aspect of the running community that I love so much. That’s why my friend Erin

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