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3 Running Newsletters To Subscribe To In 2017

Maybe it’s because my very first “real world” job was with an email newsletter, but I have a soft spot in my heart for newsy deliverables that arrive in my inbox every week. Now that email newsletters that specifically focus on running exist, I wanted to highlight and share a few of my favorites that

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Lake George Triathlon Festival: Half Ironman Recap

Over Labor Day Weekend, you may have seen me post about the Lake George Triathlon Festival on Instagram. Throughout the festival, Adirondack Race Management hosts a variety of various-distanced races (from the Olympic-distance bike and swim, to the all out half ironman event) in Lake George, New York. Last year, I competed in the event’s

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5 Things You Should Know Before Your First Triathlon (From Pro Athlete Meredith Kessler)

If you’ve ever witnessed the finish line at a triathlon —especially a long distance triathlon race right before the seventeen hour cutoff  — you were probably exposed to a wide range of raw human emotions. Once past the finish line, some athletes are in a state of euphoric jubilation, and others are crumbled in intense agony

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