A Look Back At 2017

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They say you shouldn’t look back — that what’s in the past should stay in the past; it’s there for a reason. Yet while it can be counterproductive to revisit the past in many contexts, it can also be a helpful exercise in growing and moving forward.

2017 was an interesting year, to say the least. Despite feeling stuck in a lot of ways, time progressed anyway. Things happened, deadlines came and went, and relationships grew and grew apart.  And now, the year is nearly over.

What I have to show for it all isn’t anything spectacular. It’s mostly etched in internet postings and race times. But I wanted to sit down and think about it all.

Below, you’ll find a significant story I wrote, blog post I published, or race/running-related result from 2017.


January was filled with doctor’s appointments and a lot of sitting, as I was still in a boot related to my stress fracture. I wasn’t able to move around much, but I was able to write and publish this article about Alison Desir of Harlem Run for Bustle (no, she didn’t run the total mileage herself – it was a relay-style run).


I spent a LOT of February feeling sorry for myself, but writing this article about the post race blues detailing my experience with feeling overwhelmingly depressed and sad after finishing an ironman in October actually helped me move on from it. (It was published in March, but I wrote the bulk of it in February.)


I may have been 15 pounds heavier than normal in March, but that didn’t stop me from continuing my Runner Diary series. This installment from Morgan Sjogren, published in March, proved to be super successful. (Disclaimer: her life is rad.)


I had to sit out of the Boston Marathon due to my foot injury, but I was able to write this article about Kathrine Switzer’s reintroduction to the Boston Marathon and the history of women’s running for Bustle. I also got to publish this Runner Diary from my much-respected running and triathlon coach, Chris Baker.


In May, I ran my first half marathon after my injury — the Brooklyn Half in 1:41:16. The following day, I ran a Tough Mudder in Philadelphia. My foot only hurt a little.


This article I wrote about Robin Arzon’s favorite running routes (in partnership with adidas) went live on Bustle.


I wrote this article about how to run a faster mile, but it was never published, so I posted it on my own blog.


After months of back and forths and some slight convincing, I was able to publish the runner diary of Canadian track superstar Corey Bellemore, who doesn’t just hold the world record in the beer mile, but is a genuinely cool guy.


I was able to publish Elizabeth Carey’s Run Diary on my blog. We connected after she wrote a really moving piece for Trail Sisters. I encourage you to check out both.


I finished the Chicago Marathon in a time of 3:28:03 and wrote this recap.


I successfully helped 10 athletes train for, and ultimately finish the New York City Marathon. Two qualified for Boston. They are all my heroes.

I also raced my first 5k in awhile – finishing in a 20:48.


I submitted my first assignment for Runner’s World, expected to appear in the May or June 2018 issue. Now, we wait (and cross our fingers it all works out).

And there you have it, folks — a look back on my 2017. How was your 2017?

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