Negative Splits Volume 3.0

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Hey everyone! I haven’t exactly been on my game when it comes to sending you updates, and I apologize. Between general life and marathon training, I’ve been busier than expected. What motivated me to start again was spectating at the United NYC Half this weekend. It’s always so inspiring to see runners of all ages and capabilities come together under one race and chase for one communal finish line.

With that: Welcome back to another edition of Negative Splits with Coach EK (volume 3). I’m here to talk to you about everything running-related, from industry news, to interesting happenings, to coaching advice.

What’s worth reading this week

Burn the Boat by Peter Bromka

This essay by Peter Bromka is a must-read for anyone who’s ever chased a running goal that you aren’t quite sure is in your reach. Bromka shares how he is chasing an OQT (Olympic Qualifying Time), despite the odds being stacked against him. His philosophy is simply, ‘What if?’ As a recreational runner myself, it helped to read about his determined pursuit — within reason. Though Bromka acknowledges his running dreams are not above his commitments as a husband and father, he is focused on stepping up to an opportunity merely because he was given the chance. He also documents his training process, breaking down his progress and how exactly he overcame each time barrier, literally sharing his struggle (and highlighting all of the hard work that has gone into each breakthrough). He writes, “The pursuit of an audacious goal is as worthy a lifestyle as I can imagine.” To which I say, same.

When You Can’t Run by Jen A. Miller

Jen A. Miller is one of my favorite journalists (and she’s the author of one of my favorite books: Running: A Love Story). In this piece, she’s writing about one of my least favorite topics: sidelining injuries! All runners know that not running sucks, and if you’ve ever had to take a break, you know that the struggle is real. Luckily, Miller has detailed what to know when you’re forced to take a running hiatus, and some tips on how to cope.

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