Negative Splits With Coach EK

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I’ve decided to start a running-focused newsletter: Negative Splits with Coach EK!

This digital newsletter will give you a RUN DOWN (pun intended) of timely news and trends in the world of endurance sports, coaching advice and tips from yours truly, and random thoughts and musings for a more productive, better, efficient, happy, wonderful life (at least, that’s the dream).

You can check out the beginning (below), the full version here, and subscribe if you like it.

The Run Down

A lot of stuff happened in the running world this week, but the biggest thing to happen was the realization that Strava heat maps might be compromising American military base safety. I want to write about this in more detail, but honestly, we could all probably check our security settings when it comes to our Strava profiles. Especially women. Do you run straight back to your front door after  a run?

If your profile is public, then your home is literally on display for the whole world to see. Consider making your profile private, not posting a super consistent and/or regimented running routine if you run alone often, or stopping your watch a few blocks from your actual home. Call me paranoid, but honestly, these are valid things to think about.

Other Headlines:

  • Will Carrying A Phone Affect Your Running Form? TL;DR? Actually, yes. I recommend not carrying a phone if you can help it. Smart phones have gotten SO HEAVY, it’s almost impossible for it to not weigh heavily on whatever side you are carrying it on (thus compromising your form). If you NEED music to run, invest in an iPod shuffle (or a cheaper option). Ditching your phone will also be less distracting, especially if you’re prone to getting notifications during a run. If you need to run with your phone for safety reasons — or for tracking your mileage — invest in a running belt and keep it there (inside a ziplock bag, of course, because sweat).
  • How To Strengthen Your Mental Game With Kara GoucherTL;DR? The more I learn about coaching and sport psychology, the more I realize that your mental game can be just as, if not more important than your physical talent and/or strength. In this interview, Kara Goucher shares why she keeps a Confidence Journal, where she forces herself to write ONE positive thing about her workout, even if she has a terrible, no good, very horrible run. I love this idea — whether you apply it to your running regime, or your every day life in general. Finding ONE positive thing can help slow negative feelings from snowballing, and set you up mentally for a better tomorrow.

You can read the full version here.

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